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Shandong Lecron Group got large achievement on PU China 2014.

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Hosted by Minmetals Corporation and the Chinese Polyurethane Industry Association (CPUIA), organized by Minmetals international advertising and Exhibition Co., Ltd. co-organized by Crain Communications Ltd., UTECH Asia/PU China 2014 was grandly held on September 3-5, 2014  at N1 N2 hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. It is the largest gathering of polyurethane professionals in the region.
The growth of exhibition witnessted the flourish of China polyurethane industy. As the international and domestic supplier in polyurethane industry, Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co.,Ltd., took this exhibition as a platform to showcase the latest achievements of the products of the company and the industry, which become the highlight in this exhibition.!


Relying on its influence and appeal in polyurethane industry, Lecron Energy Saving Materials Co.,Ltd. became the focus of global buyers in this exhibition. On the first day of Expo, a total of 5723 people from this industry all over the world came to the centre. Among them, more than 530 people registered on-site on We Chat, and 539 people came from abroad. With a distinctive features, and greatest atmosphere, our booth fully displayed our strength and charm, and was highly praise by visitors from more than ten countries, such as China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Iran, and so on. The on site consulting was extremely popular.



During the exhibition, though fine panels display, broadcasting company promotion video etc, focusing on introducing our company’s products, Lecron attracted many visitors to stay and see at our booth. During the three days of the exhibition, a lot of people came to at our booth continuously, and the scene was usually hot, which became beautiful scenery at this Expo. In the three days, busy and happy, with expert commentary and busy pace, our team showed the aggressive spirit of Lecron Group, We were successful on this Expo, and we are convinced that our future is more successful with the strong and outstanding team.